San Francisco, California (NAPSI) - Ayaka Isono began studying piano at age 3 in her native Japan. After moving to theUnited States and graduating from Indiana University, she embarked on a successful career as a concert pianist.

Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - Whether you’re planning a backyard get-together or celebrating a special summer occasion, a few easy-to-follow tips can help make your party simply spectacular.

Tempe, Arizona (NAPSI) - Compared to women, men have larger pores that can easily become clogged, and produce more oil and sweat. Fortunately, there are products made to treat men’s specific skin care needs. It also helps to follow a three-step regimen.

Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - More than 3 million movie lovers and their families have discovered the new way to view their collection of films and TV shows anytime, anywhere on a variety of devices.

Houston, Texas (NAPSI) - For those people looking for a better-for-you change to their eating habits, the Mediterranean Diet, frequently touted by dietitians, includes foods that can boost overall health and even help prevent some diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Olives and olive oil, the main sources of dietary fat in the Mediterranean Diet, contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) and polyphenols, which contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tempe, Arizona (NAPSI) - Great cooking and baking ideas can be a click away with access to the 100 recipes from the 45th Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contest. This perfectly portioned dessert from finalist Amy Siegel can delight at home and on the go.

Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - There’s a delicious flavor movement taking hold. Food lovers are embracing real, focused flavors over complex presentations that are more like science experiments than recipes. Guided by the motto that “the most memorable food is often the simplest,” now we are celebrating quality ingredients at their peak of flavor with straightforward preparations.