Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - More than 3 million movie lovers and their families have discovered the new way to view their collection of films and TV shows anytime, anywhere on a variety of devices.

No Subscription Fee

It’s called UltraViolet. It costs nothing to sign up and there is no subscription fee. Backed by a growing number of entertainment and technology companies, UltraViolet makes it easy to compile a digital collection of movies and TV shows that you can access anytime you want to watch them. View favorite films on a TV, personal computer, tablet or smartphone using any participating online streaming or download service. Watch movies while traveling, away at school, on vacation, at a friend’s home, on a commuter train, on an airplane or anywhere else. People are no longer tethered to the family TV room as the only place to watch.

Enjoying the benefits of UltraViolet is like being able to pull your DVD or Blu-ray Disc off the shelf electronically whenever and wherever you feel like watching it. Stream instantly or download movies and TV shows in advance to view them without an Internet connection or when streaming is impractical. People can now have their entire movie collections available without having to pack them and risk losing or damaging them.

When a person buys an UltraViolet release, they own the rights to the movie forever. What’s more, up to six family members can share a single digital collection on their own devices—so your child who is away at school can enjoy all the movies in your collection. Parental controls, such as viewing restrictions according to rating, protect families by ensuring that parents can monitor what their kids watch.

Easy To Use

It’s easy to sign up; no more difficult than registering for Facebook or e-mail. Ways include:

• Buying Blu-ray Discs or DVDs with UltraViolet stickers and following the easy instructions.

• Purchasing an UltraViolet release online from participating retailers, then following the registration instructions.

• Creating digital versions of movies you already own on DVD or Blu-ray Disc for a small fee. This disc-to-digital program was launched in April at Walmart stores nationwide. On-site support with trained staff is available to help set up accounts.

• Clicking “Sign Up Now” at to create your account in three easy steps.

Kids Enjoy It

UltraViolet makes repeated watching of favorite movies and TV shows convenient and affordable. Kids love to watch films over and over and UltraViolet makes doing so easy.

As home entertainment continues to evolve, consumers have made it clear they want more value for their purchases and improved access to the content they own. UltraViolet gives movie lovers more freedom, choice and flexibility than ever before.

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