Scottsdale, Arizona (NAPSI) - Tired of looking like a lost tourist, searching your phone for directions? Use Skyscanner’s Hotels app for Apple Watch to help you find your way back to your hotel every time you’re out.

Skyscanner, a leading travel search engine, developed the app to help people avoid putting their phones at risk when they travel. It provides step-by-step direction straight to your Apple Watch. This means never having to pull out your iPhone in a crowded place.

The app helps you find your way back to your hotel with just a few quick steps. You will need to “favorite” the hotel you booked within the Skyscanner iPhone app. Once you’ve done that, sync your Apple Watch with your iPhone, and you can browse through your favorite hotels on the watch.

The app provides step-by-step walking directions back to whatever hotel you select. The app uses Wi-Fi or data to provide directions.

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You can download Skyscanner’s Hotels app, as well as its Flights and Car Rental apps, from the iTunes App Store. The Hotels app is also available for Android phones and tablets. Or, to use the website, visit Skyscanner never adds extra fees to your booking.