Tempe, Arizona (NAPSI) - When you want to add value to your home, a few easy remodeling tips can help you get the most out of the money you spend on renovations.

Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - Can’t decide what to make for dessert? Why not try two fabulous favorites in one with a Brownie Bits Cheesecake what’s not to love when a chocolaty brownie serves as a classic cheesecake’s crust, stir-in and topping?

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Riverside, California (NAPSI) - You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy a great stuffing. Paired with roast chicken and pork chops or stuffed into acorn squash or bell peppers, rice stuffing makes a delicious side dish any day of the year.

Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - Over the past few years, companies have revisited their roots as a source of inspiration. From the return of classic products with a modern twist to simply bringing back old favorites, toys from the past are making a comeback.

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