Cortez, Colorado (NAPSI) - The next time you take a trip, remember to take your digital luggage a secure place for essential travel documents such as travel itineraries, work documents and any of your favorite music, movies or videos.

Find Everything

You can have instant access to everything you have stored without ever having to worry about capacity. Just click and drag those plane tickets, hotel confirmations, immunization records or car rental agreements into yourInfinite Drive, where it’s all encrypted and safe. When you’re at the ticketing counter, pull them up instantly on your phone or tablet.

Save Everything

If you lose a device on the road or even over the side of a boat, that doesn’t mean you have to lose stored files. Bitcasa automatically backs up all photos and videos as you take them. They’re accessible from any device you own or by using your password at

Stay Entertained On The Go

Long flight or drive? Save as “favorite” movies, music or videos you want to watch on the plane and they’ll be available off-line.

Share the Fun as it Happens

With Send To Friend links, friends and family can enjoy your pictures and videos as you take them-no costly international data fees if you’re traveling abroad and no need to download anything because everything can be streamed in full HD using a simple Web link.

Learn More

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