Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - To keep your next vacation on the road to savings and fun, it can help to heed a few hints:

• Pack healthful snacks—bottled water, boxed juice, crackers, nuts, dried fruit—to save time as well as money.

• E-mail your important travel documents to yourself to avoid losing them or searching for them during your journey.

• Eat locally. On the road and at your vacation destination, visit neighborhood restaurants and diners rather than fast-food chains and get yourself a few treats at a grocery store for a taste of what’s popular in the area.

• Stay in residential neighborhoods, rather than downtown hotels that tend to cater to business travelers on expense accounts.

• Carry ID that allows you a discount. If you’re a student, a government employee, a senior or in the military, bring membership ID to prove it. Many museums, amusements, and shopping and accommodation places offer discounts.

• Pack everything you’re likely to need—including your glasses, prescription drugs and first-aid kit—so you don’t have to stop to buy extra clothes, toys or equipment at tourist trap prices.

If you’re running low on space, consider a cargo box for your car. Look for one that provides tough, all-weather protection for all your gear and also combines efficiency with style. Consider the aerodynamic Thule Sonic Cargo Box series. It features a patented AeroNose Design that reduces drag and noise, SecureLock to ensure that all gear is locked and the box is properly closed prior to driving, and AcuTight Mounting that “clicks” when you reach optimal hold to ensure your box is secured to the rack. It opens from either side for easier loading and unloading from either side of the vehicle. Plus, these boxes take under five minutes to install or remove.

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