Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but a new trick with a treat on your part can help your dog and cat get older, healthier and happier. Here’s how:

When you need to administer medication to your pets or improve their diet with a supplement, you can now make it seem like a treat. That’s because a new line of veterinarian-tested and -endorsed pet care products takes the difficulty and danger out of giving medicine to pill-finicky pets with a safe way to split or crush pills, then turn them into delicious homemade cat and dog treats.

Make Pets Love Taking Pills

1. Split or crush your pet’s pill with a two-in-one stainless steel pill splitter and crusher called Krocodile. It’s designed for most shapes and sizes of hard pills or vitamins. Hide the split or crushed pill in a Kapsule.

2. Use Kudose, a three-in-one pill concealer, treat maker and toppings dispenser, to fill the Kapsule with a healthful treat filling. You can use your own recipe or one from the product’s website.

3. Give the treat to your pets. They’ll love it and never even know you’ve hidden medicine or vitamins inside.

“Other companies have tried to find a better way to pill a dog or cat, but most owners and their pets end up frustrated with the experience,” said Dr. Jeff Margolis, veterinarian and owner ofOlympiadAnimalHospitalinCalifornia. “Because Kinn has worked with veterinarians to create its products, it has gotten to the heart of this problem. Kinn understands what motivates pets and makes it easier to give medications while maintaining a strong bond with them.”

Both products are available exclusively at and carry a limited lifetime warranty. Follow Kinn on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or Twitter.