Riverside, California (NAPSI) - All those electronic toys and gadgets you’ll get and give this holiday season will be appreciated even more when you give them a boost.

Tech devices rely on a strong indoor cell phone signal for calls, texts, e-mail, gaming, downloading music, uploading pictures and streaming high-definition video. Now you can add a booster that will maximize these devices so they stay “smart.”

Recent studies found more than 75 percent (77 percent) of cell phone Internet users experience slow download speeds that prevent data from loading as quickly as they would prefer. This holiday season, help family, friends and co-workers stay connected wherever they go. A booster lets you now take full advantage of voice, data and Internet services on a mobile phone—including high-speed data and video, instant messaging, pictures and more—at home, in the office or on the go.

Wi-Ex, a leading provider of consumer and commercial cell phone signal booster kits, now offers the zBoostDataBlast, which provides consumers using Verizon LTE and T-Mobile AWS a solution to slow download speeds. The device increases the signal strength, which can increase 4G data speeds up to 20 times faster and extends it up to 2,500 square feet—and can work on multiple devices, simultaneously. It’s simple to set up and includes everything you need. It even extends your phone’s battery life because a stronger signal means less need for power. Learn more at www.wi-ex.com.