Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - Whether you’re an expert on sewing or just wish you were, innovative devices can make it easier and more enjoyable.

For example, there are now nine new machines from Brother™ International Corporation: the Dream Weaver™ Quilting & Sewing Machine, DreamWeaver™ XE Quilting, Sewing & Embroidery Machine and the DreamMaker™ Embroidery-Only Machine; the highly anticipated Simplicity® Limited Edition Sewing and Embroidery Line by Brother,™ which consists of five new sewing and embroidery machines; and the Duetta® 2, an affordable and easy-to-use machine that does sewing, embroidery and quilting.

All three V-Series models have:

• A chassis offering an oversize 56 square inches of workspace.

• The extremely bright, technologically advanced, seven-inch LCD touch screen display that displays 260,000 colors.

• Vibrant 10-inch Runway® Lighting that is 50 percent brighter than any other Brother™ machine.

• A range of built-in stitches and embroidery designs, including 91 Disney® and Disney® Pixar designs in the DreamWeaver™ XE.

• Sew Straight™ Laser Vision Guide, a built-in laser to ensure straight, uncomplicated sewing.

• MuVit™ Digital Dual Feed, a digitally controlled, direct motor-driven, dual feed foot for virtually perfect stitching.

• Multifunction foot controller, which allows up to three features to be programmed.

• Droplight™ Embroidery Positioning Marker, useful in identifying a precise needle drop position.

Partnering for the first time with Simplicity® Pattern Company, the new and affordable Simplicity® Limited Edition Sewing and Embroidery Line by Brother™ features four sewing machines and one embroidery-only machine. Features vary by machine but include a free arm for sewing cuffs and sleeves; Easy Bobbin Winding System; Brother™-exclusive My Custom Stitch™ for personalized stitches; advanced needle threading system and automatic thread trimming; and a wide table for larger projects.

The Duetta® 2 sews, embroiders and quilts. Features include seven-point feed dogs that grip fabric and make feeding easy—even with hard-to-handle fabric; an Automatic Height Adjuster™ AHA® to sense fabric thickness and adjust presser foot pressure accordingly; enhanced, large 8.9”, diagonal LCD touch screen display to make custom creations, edit and preview them on screen; bobbin case; Perfect Placement Kit; and ELS® Embroidery Lettering Software.

Learn more at www.brothersews.com, www.facebook.com/BrotherSews, www.twitter.com/BrotherSews, www.YouTube.com/BrotherSews, and (800) 4-A-BROTHER.