Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - Anyone who thinks there’s an app these days for everything but the kitchen sink is wrong. Now, your smartphone, tablet or computer can help you have a new kitchen sink, bathroom vanity, countertop and a whole lot more. With free online tools, it’s easy to design your dream kitchen or bath.

You can see all options and decide what you like before you shop or meet with a designer. Apps can also help you find dealers and contractors online.

Some apps let you take photos so you can compare your room with others, contrast products and see how new counters, cabinets and sinks will look with each other, before they’re installed. You can even send your ideas to a designer or share them with family.

A few apps to consider:

• With the Blanco mobile color app, you can coordinate the company’s high-quality kitchen sinks with various countertop surfaces, evaluate the look and add different selections by capturing images using your device’s camera. Favorite combinations can be saved and e-mailed to others. You can even find the nearest dealer with the app’s store locator function.

• From color inspiration to installation galleries and practical advice, Silestone’s interactive app helps you design your ideal kitchen or bath space including the company’s quality quartz countertops. You calculate area square footage; browse through an extensive color palette and share it with friends, family or contractors; and then use the app to find a nearby dealer.

• Hardware Resources has an online tool for selecting a bath vanity. It works through any device with Internet so you can easily set your room dimensions, pick colors and materials for the walls and floors, and then swipe vanities of different sizes, colors and styles through the room to see what looks best. Then, find a dealer, see prices and dimensions, and share your results socially or via e-mail.

In addition, here are three ideas to bear in mind when you design:

1. While a monochrome look can be sophisticated and serene, a few pops of color in curtains, cushions, soaps, door and drawer pulls can set it off and point it up.

2. Use the space to show off your good taste. If you collect saltshakers, say, display them in the kitchen. Use the guest bathroom as the place to put your prettiest towels.

3. It’s a bright idea to look to the lighting. There should be task lighting, accent lighting to highlight a special feature, and general overhead light. You may want a dimmer in the bath for dark mornings and a bright spotlight in the kitchen over the sink or stove.

Let the apps aid you to create the kitchen and bath of your dreams, then start enjoying your new rooms.

Learn more at www.blancoamerica.com, www.silestoneusa.com and www.vanityvisualizer.com.