El Paso, Texas (NAPSI) - Growing comfortable in a new neighborhood can be made simpler, if you heed these moving tips on what to do and what not to do when getting settled.


• Host a housewarming party: Invite everyone in the neighborhood, either in person or by putting invitations in mailboxes. Remember: It’s not advised to mention gifts or create a gift registry.

• Reach out to your neighbors: In the chaos of moving, you can just say “hi” and wave, but eventually you should introduce yourself and learn neighbors’ names. If you’re shy, ask about favorite restaurants or upcoming local events.

• Be helpful: Without overstepping any privacy boundaries, offer to do small favors for a neighbor you want to befriend. Saying you’re willing to take care of pets or collect their mail when they go out of town suggests you’re a caring and responsible person.

• Schedule your cable high-speed Internet, digital cable TV and phone connections in advance, with a couple of clicks at www.cablemover.com. After a busy day of unpacking, you’ll be able to unwind with dinner from the nearest take-out restaurant, watch TV, order new shower curtains or play online games.

• Show respect: Keep noise to a reasonable level, particularly late at night, especially if there are young children or senior citizens nearby who may be disturbed.


• Stay away from the rumor mill—Don’t encourage or engage in gossip with your new neighbors. If you’ve developed a critical opinion of the community, keep it to yourself. Also, steer clear of topics that are typically considered socially unacceptable, such as finances, religion and politics.

• Try problem-solving instead of complaining—Use face-to-face communication and an honest, levelheaded conversation to resolve problems, instead of subtle negative tactics such as note writing. The chances of finding mutually agreeable solutions will be much higher and it can improve relationships.

Moving can mean big changes in everything from your work to your children’s education, or your weekend activities. Taking time to build good relationships with neighbors can ease your transition and lead to lasting friendships.