San Antonio, Texas (NAPSI) - No one enjoys waiting around a crowded hostess stand to be seated in a restaurant. It could arguably be the most dreaded part of a dining experience.

Luckily, technology has enabled a better solution—the fastest-growing mobile waitlist app for restaurants, NoshList.

How It Works

When a guest checks in at a restaurant, the hostess enters the diner’s name and phone number into NoshList on her smartphone or iPad. Diners simply click on a text message sent to their smartphone to see their current position in line and estimated seating time. When a table opens up, the hostess uses NoshList to text or call the diner to let him or her know it’s ready.

Unlike buzzers and paper lists, NoshList gives you the freedom to wander away from the restaurant, allowing time to window shop or grab a drink somewhere else before being seated. If you change your mind, there is no buzzer to return; simply text NoshList to cancel your reservation.

Craig Walker, CEO of NoshList, explains: “Diners want an easy, convenient way to know when their table is ready and restaurants need an efficient solution that saves them money and improves the experience for their customers. That’s what NoshList delivers.”

If you happen to be a regular at your favorite restaurant, NoshList also recognizes you as a loyal guest and includes notes made by the hostess on your previous visits; for example, your favorite meal or that your anniversary’s approaching. Features like these help restaurants improve the dining experience.

NoshList isn’t limited to restaurants; it’s useful for any place that requires waitlists, like beauty salons, auto-service centers, dental offices, pet groomers, coffee shops and doctors’ offices.

NoshList is totally free to restaurants, including unlimited text messages. NoshList Premium adds features including text message customization and analytics for $49 per month.

NoshList is in use in over 3,500 independent and chain restaurants nationwide, including all corporate-owned Red Robin restaurants.

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