Tempe, Arizona (NAPSI) - Good news for many new parents who’d like to get and stay fit: You can still get out for your daily run, bike ride or stroll and bringing your baby along can make it much more fun.

It’s done with the help of a multipurpose child transporter. Safer and sturdier than traditional strollers, they’re specially designed so you can run while pushing or pulling one and your child is secure and comfortable. Some are even made to work with skiers and cyclists.

Pointers for Perambulating Parents

Here are a few hints on how to make the most of your outing.

• Before you set out, it’s wise to make sure your stroller is properly packed. Bring diapers, wipes, water (for you and your child), extra sweaters, snacks and a toy or two.

• Watch the weather. Remember that you’ll feel warm when you’re running even if it’s cool out but your child may need a sweater, jacket, blanket, hat and mittens. On damp days, you may want to use a weather shield on the stroller. On sunny days, make sure you both wear sunscreen.

• Strap your child in properly. Many of today’s strollers, joggers and trailers have good harnesses to keep your child safe and happy while out for a ride.

• Try to avoid traffic. Stick to parks, bike paths and the like as much as possible.

• Look at the time. A run or ride just before nap time can help baby drowse. One just before or after a meal may not be so good.

• Don’t let it go. Pushing the stroller ahead and running hands free is not a good idea. Always use the safety retention strap that comes with your jogger or stroller.

• Get a good-quality stroller. One multipurpose child transporter meets or exceeds industry safety standards and has undergone years of internal and external field testing. Built with such features as an aluminum roll cage, enclosed cockpit and five-point child safety harness, the Chariot lets you and your child, from newborn through 5 years, travel five different ways through all the four seasons in style with just one stroller.

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