El Paso, Texas (NAPSI) - All-American Daylilies celebrates 25 years of scientifically proven superior performance testing nationwide. This daylily test program is unlike any other in the nation; perhaps in the world.

Based on a scientific methodology that evaluates daylilies on 52 characteristics, this program began in 1987 in response to the need to “sift” through more than 40,000 different varieties to create a benchmark for daylilies and identify the best varieties.

The All-American Daylily winners that have emerged from this rigorous testing have established quite a track record for themselves. Not only have the very best cultivars been identified, but their availability across theU.S.has allowed home gardeners everywhere to validate these varieties in their own garden. Since the first winner, “Black-Eyed Stella,” was announced in 1994, 18 additional varieties have qualified for the coveted award and been distributed to garden centers nationwide in the official “blue pot.”

More than a million All-Americans have found their way into home gardens in virtually every state across the country. It appears that All-American daylilies have become a household name among serious daylily gardeners. “Black-Eyed Stella” and “Bitsy” are known for near continuous blooming and superior landscape performance, whereas “Dream Soufflé” and “Lavender Vista”™ scored highest in bloom beauty and overall performance. The test program verified anecdotal information that most daylilies naturally fall into two distinct categories: Landscape (performance) and Exhibition (beauty). On rare occasions, a variety will qualify as a winner in both categories, such as “Summer Valentine” and “Leebea Orange Crush.”

Typically, most daylilies perform well in only two USDA hardiness zones. However, All-American winner varieties must perform in the top 15 percent of daylilies across at least five USDA zones. As daylily breeding has increased through the years, there has been a plethora of awesomely beautiful blooms come onto the scene. This has brought the potential for greater bloom beauty into the program, but also the challenge of identifying those that also meet the performance requirements.

“Lady Elizabeth,” the most recent winner, is a prime example of this. For decades, near-white to white daylilies have been considered weak novelties best grown by collectors, but this new plant has defied these stereotypes by delivering dependable performance and a hearty display of beautiful, diamond-dusted white blooms throughout the growing season. It is stunning either en masse or as a focal accent plant.

Regardless of your desired garden application, there is an All-American best suited for that use. They are the perfect perennial for borders, mass plantings, balcony and patio containers, ground covers or focal accents. Try a stunning double border of “Frankly Scarlet” (4” sun-fast red) or “Red Volunteer” (6−7” red) behind “Black-Eyed Stella” (gold with red eye). For maximum, long-term color, you can plant a mass of “Buttered Popcorn,” which has been called a large-bloomed Stella de Oro, due to its constant blooming. Daylilies are perfect for those with a creative mind. The possibilities for use are endless. Perhaps the best idea of all is to create an All-American Daylily garden and collect them all! Gardeners have been reaping the rewards of 25 years of unmatched daylily testing and there is so much more to come!

For more information, visit www.AllAmericanDaylilies.com or find them on Facebook at All-American Daylilies.