Tucson, Arizona (NAPSI) - Since long before the Industrial Revolution, businesses have had to deal with getting rid of trash. Now, thanks to a technology breakthrough, companies can simplify the process of managing waste, while saving money and being kind to the environment. Here’s how:

For businesses with a lot of trash, waste compactors are more efficient than open-top dumpsters, as they require fewer pickups. Knowing when to call the hauler for a pickup, however, is a problem. Generally, trash is not produced on a schedule, so scheduled pickups are not the solution.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that doesn’t involve changing haulers or waste compactors: an electronic monitor that can easily be added to the waste compactor. Called the Waste Edge, from One Plus Corp., the device senses when the container is full and electronically notifies the hauler to pick it up. There’s no need to call the hauler. Available as a service or purchase, the system is guaranteed to lower waste-hauling costs by at least 30 percent—many companies see savings of 40 percent or more. As a bonus, it reduces the environmental impact of waste hauling by reducing truck traffic.

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A visit to www.OnePlus.com can be a real education in waste management, with an informative video and explanations of how companies save thousands of dollars every year with the patented system. You can also call (847) 498-0955.