Riverside, California (NAPSI) - There’s good news for homeowners who want to control both the energy costs and humidity levels in their homes.

Continuing in the tradition of its best-in-class ventilation products, Broan-NuTone has expanded its revolutionary line of Broan and NuTone ULTRA Fans and Fan/Lights with the addition of 16 models with ULTRA Sense Humidity- or Motion-Sensing Technology.

The new fans and fan/lights provide humidity- or motion-sensing capabilities while featuring the fastest, easiest, most universal installation to save contractors time and thus homeowners money. They also help meet stringent green building and ventilation codes.

The humidity-sensing models detect a rapid rise in humidity to turn single-speed fans ON and multi-speed fans from low to high. This means that they will react to shower humidity much faster than other competitive fans or wall controls that wait for a relative humidity set point to be reached. Users can enjoy a humidity-free, comfortable environment much more quickly when taking a bath or shower. The motion-sensing models are equipped with a sensor that turns multi-speed fans to high when someone walks into the room and reduces fan speed to low after a user-adjustable time delay.

By automatically turning the fan ON or up to maximum speed after sensing a rise in humidity or movement, ULTRA Sense Technology can help prevent mold and mildew caused by excess moisture in a room. Likewise, by automatically reducing fan speed to OFF or low, ULTRA Sense Technology helps reduce wasteful energy costs.

In addition, the fans and fan/lights with ULTRA Sense technology provide the five benefits of the original ULTRA Fans and Fan/Lights:

• ULTRA Quick Installation Technology: The fan can be installed in minutes in retrofit applications.

• ULTRA Green Energy-Saving DC Motor: ULTRA offers extremely energy-efficient operation-well beyond ENERGY STAR® requirements.

• ULTRA Silent Sound Technology: All models operate at less than 0.3 sones for an extremely relaxing environment.

• ULTRA Lucent Lighting Technology: To brightly illuminate rooms for most any task, ULTRA comes with two 18-watt ENERGY STAR−qualified bulbs.

• ULTRA Smart Control Technology: The entire ULTRA line maintains powerful operation over a wide range of real-world installations.

According to fan expert Patrick Nielsen, “Because ULTRA Fans and Fan/Lights help contractors save time on installation, homeowners save money. They also provide long-lasting benefits to users, such as extremely quiet operation, unbelievable performance and, now, the ability to detect humidity or motion and either turn a singlespeed fan ON or increase the speed of a multi-speed fan.”

For more information, visit www.BroanULTRA.com and www.NuToneULTRA.com.