St. Louis, Missouri (NAPSI) - The American highway system is now over a century old: In 1913, theLincoln Highway became the first hard-topped, graded road across the continent.

San Francisco, California (NAPSI) - It’s not always where you’re going but who’s by your side that can create some of your best vacation memories. According to a recent PhoCusWright study, 70 percent of travelers said vacations are more about spending time with the people they care about rather than the destination.

Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - Good news for travelers: As more and more families are discovering, vacation rentals can offer twice the space at half the price of a hotel room and are easier to book now than ever. That may be one reason, according to the global travel market firm PhoCusWright, online bookings of vacation rentals increased from 12 percent in 2007 to 24 percent in 2012.

Houston, Texas (NAPSI) - Most people know the basic necessities to pack, but what about ways to enhance the travel experience, not just make it happen?

Moline, Illinois (NAPSI) - Surprising, exciting and engaging ways for kids and kids at heart to experience the innovations of the present and the future while appreciating the heritage of the past can be found at the John Deere Pavilion and Store in Moline.

El Paso, Texas (NAPSI) - Many drivers find that if they want to make their car last, it pays to put it first. Taking good care of your car means you are more likely to avoid problems, both now, while you’re driving it, and later, when you sell it.

St. Louis, Missouri (NAPSI) - Tires are the only thing between you and the road, so it’s imperative motorists stay on top of tire maintenance. Proper tire maintenance is important all year, but especially in the summer months as the temperature starts heating up and the frequency of tire blowouts increases.