Los Angeles, California (NAPSI) - A growing number of people an estimated one in five Americans have already found that a cruise can be a hassle-free vacation.

When asked what they enjoy the most, some immediately point to the convenience factor while others say they like the fact that many cruises are “family friendly,” with quality programs for children that are managed by professionals.

Many also say it can be surprisingly affordable-particularly when compared to the total cost of many land-based vacations.

Other cruising veterans point to the fact that there is always something to do—from entertainment to sports to dancing—some cruises even offer casino action. Plus, if you are focused on meditation and yoga, pilates or aerobics, you can find a cruise that tends to those needs as well. In most cases, people say, the cruise just lets them do as they please.

While a cruise can be a great way to relax, it can also be an excellent way to see the world—whether it’s a favorite destination or a new and exotic port of call.

And then there is the food. Whether you are interested in convenience or fine dining or have to follow a special diet, chances are there will be a cuisine that fits your style.

With cruises setting sail in locations around the country, most people can drive to a home port, reinforcing the convenient and affordable aspects of cruising.

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