Riverside, California (NAPSI) - For many, a Hawaii vacation comes only once or twice in a lifetime. Because it’s seen as such a special event, it’s a good idea to invest a little extra time researching your options before you go.

The good news is that thorough planning can often help to eliminate any loose ends and make for a relatively smooth, fun-filled vacation.

To help, here are some tips:

• A stress-free vacation requires advance planning. Many people head to an island paradise such asHawaiito get away from it all. Often, that means working to make as few decisions as possible.

That’s one reason many people rent a condominium for their vacation. There are no surprises at check-in. You get what you reserved. Plus, there are local contacts on hand for check-in and for any maintenance needs that may arise.

At a quality condo, such as one of the 16 high-quality condominium resorts managed by Outrigger Hotels and Resorts throughout theHawaiian islands, no deposit is required prior to check-in and you have the option of changing to a different rental unit if the first one isn’t quite right for you. In addition, there are full kitchens, large living spaces, washers and dryers, great locations and other services and amenities like barbecue and picnic areas.

The services available at their condominiums, located inHawaii’s best-known vacation destinations, include on-site front-desk staff, on-site management personnel and the security that comes from renting a unit from a highly trusted hospitality company.

• Trying to save a few dollars can make for a very expensive trip. Some people risk their vacation experience by choosing to rent directly from an individual condo owner thinking it will save a few dollars.

They may offer lower rates—but at what cost? The little you save in money can pale in comparison to the cost you pay when it comes to peace of mind.

Owner-direct bookings do not have an on-site representative or services, so once guests pick up the keys to their condo they are, for the most part, on their own and have no options should something go wrong.

Visit www.outrigger.com or call toll free (800) OUTRIGGER (688-7444) for more information.