Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - No matter where you travel, you can easily take your favorite movies along.

Thanks to a new technology called UltraViolet, your tablet, laptop or smartphone is now like a cinema on the go. With just a few simple commands, you can turn it into a mobile theater by plucking a movie from your home collection electronically and viewing it anywhere, anytime.

Consider the possibilities:

Camping, overseas, at a relative’s home? It doesn’t matter where you are—roughing it in the wild, at a vacation home, in a hotel, visiting family, on a beach or in a foreign country—because your movies are there when you want them. With UltraViolet’s flexibility, you can easily call up your movie collection via streaming wherever you have an Internet connection or by using the download function.

Want in-flight entertainment? Watch the movies you own while in the air or waiting for your flight. Even with no Internet or wireless access, easy downloading allows you to watch movies in your library.

Boring road trip ahead? As you drive to your favorite destinations, family members can watch their favorite movies.

Fun for the kids: Kids love to view their favorite movies over and over. It’s never been easier to share their favorite movies with playmates at a friend’s house or with their cousins and grandparents when visiting family.

College, camp, weekend getaway? Because up to six family members share an account, family members can be scattered in different places at once for their activities and still watch their movies. And movies can be shared on up to 12 devices.

Nights at the movies: Use UltraViolet to spend an evening watching a movie from your collection on your home theater through your game console or Blu-ray Disc player. Or use one of your portable devices to watch on the back porch or outdoors after a barbecue with friends. Get together to watch each other’s collections.

Simple, easy and affordable: You can get started today using UltraViolet free of charge to build an online collection of your favorite movies. There are no sign-up or subscription fees and registering is like signing up for an e-mail or Facebook account.

How do I get started? Buy a Blu-ray Disc or DVD with a UV sticker then follow the instructions. Or buy an UltraViolet digital version of a favorite film online from a participating retailer and follow the instructions. Or get an account when you convert one of your Blu-ray Discs or DVDs into a digital copy through a program launched by Walmart. Also, you can click the “Sign Up Now” button at