Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - If rest is the best medicine for a hectic lifestyle, then a routine escape may be just what the doctor ordered. Regular relaxation can stave off burnout, enhance job performance, strengthen bonds with loved ones and relieve stress in long-lasting ways.

So the next time you reach for your calendar to tack on another task, it may also be wise to ink in some vacation time.

If you’re like most Americans, however, this may be easier said than done. According to a recent Harris Interactive survey, more than half of allU.S.workers have unused vacation time, wasting an average of nearly 70 percent of their allotted time off.

That may be one reason for the appeal of vacation ownership, otherwise known as timeshare: It provides a guaranteed vacation each year and helps you stay committed to taking that much-deserved break. In fact, timeshare enjoys an owner satisfaction rate of 85 percent and an occupancy rate that outpaces hotels by nearly 20 percent, according to the American Resort Development Association.

Other benefits of vacation ownership include:

• No Vacation Planning Hassle. Timeshare owners know they already have an excursion planned and paid for that they will enjoy.

• Consistent Vacation Experiences. One of the most common reasons for making a timeshare purchase is the desire to replicate a truly great vacation experience. After an enjoyable stay at a resort, timeshare owners want the peace of mind that comes in knowing they can count on a similar experience year after year.

• Variety When You Want It. For timeshare owners that thirst for travel adventures beyond the property they own, vacation exchange companies offer a world of possibilities. For example, RCI, the global leader in vacation exchange, offers vacation options at more than 4,000 resorts in some 100 countries.

• More Space to Roam. Timeshares are typically more spacious than hotel rooms and offer many homelike amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, dining room and living room. This can ensure plenty of space to relax and unwind and is particularly helpful for families and groups traveling together.

Those considering vacation ownership can learn more at or can even sample the timeshare experience firsthand before they purchase by booking a stay through Endless Vacation Rentals at, which lets consumers rent available units at resorts around the world.