Reno, Nevada (NAPSI) - From smaller crowds and lower prices to a bounty of festivals and beautiful seasonal foliage, there are many reasons to vacation in the fall.

For example, those who want to catch the changing leaves at their peak have fantastic choices across the U.S., from Eastern hot spots such as Vermont, Maine and Tennessee to California in the West. There are even websites they can go to that can help them track the best times to visit each destination.

Festivals To Choose From

In addition to autumn’s natural beauty, many destinations come alive with weekly or daily festivals celebrating everything from apple harvests to local music and independent films. There are also Oktoberfest celebrations and the wild pastime of the Punkin Chunkin, where competing teams use custom-built machines to launch pumpkins up to a mile. Again, there are great options for both families and couples, and many destinations offer numerous events to help make your trip fun and memorable.

Less Time Spent Waiting

An added benefit of fall travel is that most destinations are not as crowded in the fall, allowing you to spend less time waiting on lines and more time exploring and enjoying the time spent away.

This can make it a great time to visit Southeastern beaches, popular national parks or monuments, and must-see cities all across the country. With all the options for fall travel, it is smart to plan ahead and book early to ensure you get the best prices and accommodations. Another great reason to travel in the fall is that many airlines begin to lower airfares, making it more affordable to travel. Lodging often comes down in price as well, with many locations providing healthy discounts to attract guests.

Add Value To Your Dollar

Another way to increase the value of your travel dollar is by staying in a vacation ownership resort, also known as timeshare. For travelers who want to see all that the country offers, vacation ownership can be a great way to guarantee a yearly vacation to their favorite destinations

These resorts typically provide more space than a traditional hotel and also offer homelike conveniences such as a kitchen, living room, multiple bedrooms, and a washer and dryer.

And through vacation exchange companies such as RCI, owners can gain access to nearly 4,500 resorts in more than 100 countries. Those wanting to sample the timeshare experience before buying can do so by booking a stay at vacation resorts through sites such as Endless Vacation Rentals (

With so many cost-saving benefits available during the fall, you may opt to visit a destination you couldn’t otherwise afford. Or perhaps, the savings you receive may allow you to plan an additional vacation in another season as well.