Detroit, Michigan - On Saturday, a female subject attempted suicide by jumping off of the McArthur Bridge, which links Belle Isle Park to Detroit, Michigan. A Border Patrol agent patrolling with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident and together they were able to pull her from the water.

Around 3:30 P.M. the female jumped off the McArthur Bridge into the Detroit River. A local resident in his pleasure boat saw her floating in the water and noticed she appeared to be having trouble swimming. The boater attempted to pull her out of the water, and onto the back diving board of his boat, without success. About ten minutes later, the crew of the “Diamond Queen” observed the commotion involving the pleasure boat, and put out a distress call on marine radio Channel 16.

Border Patrol agent Jeffrey Canvasser, from Detroit Border Patrol Station, was on patrol with Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Corporal Michael Babe on the Sheriff’s Office boat. Agent Canvasser and Corporal Babe responded to the distress call, and arrived at the location within minutes. They were able to pull the female onto their boat and transported her to United States Coast Guard Sector Headquarters at Mt Elliot St. in Detroit.

Detroit Station Supervisory Border Patrol agent Mark Hall contacted the Detroit Police Department and requested Detroit Fire EMS to meet the incoming vessel at the Coast Guard station. Agent Canvasser, Corporal Babe, and Agent Hall assisted with the difficult extraction of the subject from the Wayne County boat to the ambulance. She was taken to a nearby hospital for observation.

“Rescues like this are an example of the Border Patrol's commitment to partnership with local law enforcement on the Northern Border,” according to Randy Gallegos, Chief Patrol Agent of Detroit Sector.