Des Moines, Iowa (NAPSI) - Today, the averageU.S.farmer feeds 155 people. Part of this success is due to a group of dedicated yet largely unheralded agricultural workers, the professional applicators who help ensure a safe and abundant food supply.

A Demanding Job

They spend long hours in the field, day after day, racing the clock and pushing their application equipment to the limit to spray or spread fertilizer and crop protection products over millions of farm acres.

Operating their highly sophisticated machines is a demanding job that takes skill, endurance and dedication. The professionals who operate RoGator self-propelled sprayers from AGCO Corporation, for example, must navigate 33-foot-long machines through narrow rows of crops, while simultaneously controlling multiple switches and functions, including 120-foot spray booms longer than the wingspan of a midsize commercial jet.

Comfort and Safety Advances

That’s why recent advances in application equipment have focused not only on providing greater precision and productivity, but also improved cab comfort and safety.

Enhancements to RoGator include:

• Unobstructed cab visibility in all directions during operation due to a six-post cab design with large windows on all four sides, including a wide, panoramic front windshield and curved windows in the corners.

• Wider cab entry for easier operator access; a one-level, slatted walking platform for firmer footing; and a lower first step from the ground onto the walkway.

• Right-side armrest that holds all the functions needed for field operations, so operators don’t have to reach or search for a control while operating the machine.

• Positive cab pressure and a three-level air filtration system that keep the air inside the cab virtually dust- and odor-free.

• Sound-dampening material strategically placed throughout the cab to reduce external noise.

• An “air ride” cab suspension system and semi-active seat suspension for a more comfortable ride over rough field terrain.

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