Kansas City, Missouri (NAPSI) - Whether raising a family or raising a crop, “farm moms” are the backbone of the family farm-and the nation.

To recognize the contributions farm moms make, Monsanto created theAmerica’s Farmers Mom of the Year contest.

This year’s national winner,Kansasrancher and blogger Debbie Lyons-Blythe, says, “City moms and farm moms are really the same, we just have different jobs. We have the same concerns. We all strive to feed our children healthy food.”

What else do farm moms want their city counterparts to know? “Urban families can count onAmerica’s farm families for a safe, abundant food supply,” saysSouth Dakotafarm mom Danni Beer. “We do our best to take care of the American land and people.”

“This isn’t just a job for us,” adds Lyons-Blythe, “it’s a lifestyle.”

Meet the farm moms and learn how to nominate your favorite mom at www.AmericasFarmers.com.