Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and Americans are doing what they can to support them-from participating in Small Business Saturday to shopping at online stores that support their growth.

One such online resource was created to help small and minority-owned businesses across theU.S.reach as many potential customers as possible.

The Main Street Revolution initiative, which recently celebrated its second anniversary, provides a national marketing and distribution channel for small businesses so they can sell their products on and (the site’s business-to-business website). The products are consolidated into a “Main Street” store on the company’s website.

The initiative is designed to increase the visibility of small and minority-owned businesses that currently lack exposure to national markets.

The initiative currently has over 200 vendors, providing consumers with a new way to shop locally, with one location to visit in order to find quality and affordable products “Made in theU.S.A.” By joining the network, these small businesses can reduce their costs yet open their products to a mass audience. It also represents an opportunity for producers and consumers nationwide to participate and contribute to the national recovery effort.

The initiative works closely with local chambers of commerce and small-business administrations across the country to connect with local businesses.

This approach has worked for Jiti Pillows. The company sells a wide selection of elegant, artistic, organically designed, decorative pillows and bedding with luminous colors that stimulate the imagination.

The two owners, along with two artisans, painstakingly sew these great creations by hand in theirLos Angelesstudio. Having been with Main Street Revolution since inception, their product count has grown 127 percent compared to last year, to a total of 307 on-site.

The big draw for homegrown, small businesses like Jiti is that the initiative allows them to lower their marketing and supply chain costs and offers them national visibility for local and specialty goods. Numerous partners have had to quit their regular day jobs just to keep up with the many orders they receive. At a time when small businesses are still feeling the sting of the recession, the company model empowers small businesses to thrive and keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive.

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