Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - An all-American truck brand and a magazine known for its world-class photo essays have found a new way to supportAmerica’s farmers.

The unique partnership between National Geographic Books and the Ram Truck brand has come together to sponsor a nearly 300-page, photo-rich book inspired by Paul Harvey’s essay “So God Made a Farmer.”

“The Farmer in All of Us” is a comprehensive collection of original agriculture and farming photography, including all of the images commissioned by Ram for its “Farmer” video.

To create the book, 10 world-class photographers were tasked by Ram with traveling throughout America’s heartland over the course of three weeks to capture the essence of “the farmer” using Harvey’s essay as their inspiration.

An essential part of America

With over 2 million active farms in America, Ram recognizes that the farmer continues to be a key element of this nation’s well-being, contributing to the economy, making agriculture more sustainable and supporting the health of the country by keeping nutritious food on this nation’s tables.

Said Olivier Francois, an executive with Chrysler Group, “Supporting farmers isn’t just about those who till the soil, it’s about reminding America who we are and where our greatness comes from.”

He believes the book truly brings the “Farmer” story to life, and continues to give back in support of the amazing students of the National FFA Organization (FFA) who embody this spirit every day.

Support For FFA

Every book purchased backs a minimum contribution of $25,000 by the Ram Truck brand to FFA’s “Give the Gift of Blue” program, which donates traditional FFA blue corduroy jackets to members who would not otherwise be able to own one.

In addition, the Ram Truck brand has provided scholarship money to the National FFA Organization for over 60 years.

Currently, it also supports the organization’s Proficiency Award Programs. Part of the organization’s Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program, these awards offer real-world, experience-based learning and excellence in different areas of agriculture such as mechanics repair, forestry management and nursery operations.

To learn more about the National FFA Organization, visit www.ffa.org. To purchase the book now, visit www.ramtrucks.com/outfitter. It will be in retail stores in late spring 2014. To learn more about Ram Trucks, visit www.ramtrucks.com.