Riverside, California (NAPS) - A growing number of California college students believe there is a benefit to attending school in another state - and they’re doing it without leaving home. That’s because, increasingly, students are choosing online schools that present a more affordable higher education alternative, if you take out-of-state housing and other fees into account.

One such school, for example, is Arizona State University (ASU) Online. Many current California-based ASU Online students cite the rising cost of in-state tuition in California as a reason they’ve considered online education options. Plus, other students have shared that they’ve had more success getting the courses they need to graduate on time through ASU Online versus select in-state schools.

For many, it’s not just a matter of getting courses they need to graduate. Online students have access to the same high-caliber faculty and rich curriculum as students who register at and attend the university’s “brick and mortar” locations. Further, a number of students report that they are choosing to enroll in ASU Online because it offers them a chance to maintain their current home and work situation while pursuing a degree.

Access To Classes: One student, Justin McDonald, started his collegiate career at the University of Nevada in Reno. Eventually, a job transfer moved him back to California. “Once I got back to California, there really was no way to take classes because of my crazy schedule that changes almost every month,” said McDonald. “So I started taking as many classes as I could online through community colleges all over Northern California because only certain colleges offer certain classes. And the amount of people trying to get into those classes was just huge. Every class was wait listed and you have no idea what classes you will get into. You put in for five classes and you might get one.”

By comparison, he described his ASU Online experience as “exceptional.” He’s been able to work full-time and go to school full-time.  “It’s sometimes a little bit stressful but I get my classes and the support is amazing. Instead of you fighting to get something done, people are actually helping you. It’s just been great. Worth every penny,” said McDonald.

Reasonable Tuition: Another student, Keri Taylor, says that she was discouraged by what she describes as the higher education “crisis” in California. “At the community college I was attending in California, it was getting really hard to get the classes that I needed that would transfer to Sacramento State or other UC and state schools,” said Taylor.

“ASU offered reasonable tuition and I got the feeling that they really look out for their students. The fact that I can take classes at the campus if I want to and, when I graduate, I can walk in the ceremony to get my diploma resonated with me. I really feel like a part of Arizona State.” She added that numerous tuition hikes and the inability to get required classes helped to drive her decision to look elsewhere.

Ultimately, Taylor felt that enrolling in ASU Online offered her the opportunity to be part of the Arizona State community, while still remaining firmly planted in California. Recently, ASU Online introduced a new, all-inclusive pricing structure to simplify financial planning. As of this fall, the per-credit hour cost will reflect tuition and all the program fees.

To learn more, visit the website at asuonline.asu.edu .