El Paso, Texas (NAPSI) - While many people think you’d have to turn back the hands of time to find used cars with their odometers turned back, odometer fraud is, unfortunately, still alive and well.

According to new research from Carfax, more than 190,000 cars have their odometers rolled back every year, potentially costing victims in excess of $760 million in lost value and unexpected repairs.

To avoid odometer fraud:

• Check the vehicle’s title and compare the mileage there with the odometer.

• Compare the odometer’s mileage with that on maintenance and inspection documents.

• If the vehicle has a traditional mechanical odometer, see if the numbers are aligned correctly.

• Get your used car from a dealership you can trust, such as one recommended by family or friends.

• See if the wear and tear of the vehicle is consistent with the mileage shown.

•_Have a qualified mechanic check out the odometer and the rest of the car before you buy it.

• Get a free Carfax Odometer Check.

You’ll be better able to buy a car with more confidence if you visit www.carfax.com to get Carfax Reports.