Riverside, California (NAPSI) - In the ever-increasing world of mobility, the home phone line may not be the most talked about communications device, but it’s certainly still alive and well inAmerica.

According to data published by the Centers for Disease Control, 64 percent of Americans still subscribe to a home phone service.

There are clear benefits to keeping a home phone line, including solving for the inconvenience of poor in-home cellular coverage, having a backup to a misplaced or dead cell phone, and the added convenience and security of always having a phone within reach.

A new trend of no-frills home phone service is making it even easier and more affordable to have a home phone. For example, a new product introduced in the spring of 2013, BasicTalk, gives consumers all the perks they need in a home phone service for just $9.99 per month, plus taxes and government fees. BasicTalk users enjoy unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling (based on normal residential, personal, noncommercial use), voice mail, caller ID, call waiting and 911 emergency service for one low monthly rate. And consumers can transfer their existing number at no additional cost. According to BasicTalk, this service can allow consumers to enjoy an average annual savings of $432 when compared to major cable or phone company plans (based on the average monthly recurring charge for an unlimited U.S.calling plan). Additional details are available at www.basictalk.com.

Services like BasicTalk can also appeal to heavy cell phone users. According to BasicTalk’s proprietary research, 40 percent of consumers who purchased the service did not have an existing home phone. This demonstrates that despite increasing cell phone usage, there still remains a strong desire for a simple, low-cost, home phone service, even for people who had previously “cut the cord.”

For $9.99 per month, anyone who has a high-speed Internet connection can have an affordable, reliable home phone service. And for the price, it serves as a perfect complement to cell service for those who have given up or are thinking about giving up their home phones. Consumers can purchase BasicTalk online at www.basictalk.com and in Walmart stores nationwide. Mobility may be the new consumer buzzword, but home phone service is still a valuable service for most Americans.