Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - There’s good news and some shortcuts for homeowners who want to be at the cutting edge of lawn care. Here are some tips to achieve a beautiful green space:

• For starters, cut a lawn shorter--1.25 to 2 inches—in the fall and leave it longer in the summer.

• If you have a healthy lawn, don’t bother with bagging the clippings. Fine clippings make good mulch.

• Let technology help save time and money while helping your lawn to look its best. For example, the enhanced Honda HRR Series of lawn mowers is designed to deliver easy operation, high performance and superior fuel efficiency. “There are four different HRR models, each with standard features including an easy-start, four-stroke engine and a 3-in-1 Clip Director® for effortless switching from bagging to mulching without additional equipment,” said Alex Torre, lawn care expert at Honda Power Equipment. To learn more, visit the website at