Tucson, Arizona (NAPSI) - The high-traffic areas of your home don’t have to be decorated in mayhem. A few hints can help you have a welcoming home and cozy home decor.

There are many “sneaky” storage options that allow form and function to fuse, creating a great space for collectibles, housewares, electronics and more.

• Even large family rooms can be bombarded with electronics, books and too much furniture. Pare down the furnishings by including only the necessary pieces. Review which pieces are used most often and which could be removed. Be sure to arrange the furniture so that there is a clear walkway.

An ottoman that features hide-away storage is one sneaky way to keep your favorite blankets and books close at hand. You can also try consolidating clutter by placing multiple remotes together in an attractive tray, box or bowl. Coffee tables are natural depositories for the entire family. A table with drawers, shelves or baskets below is a sly solution for messy tabletops.

• To clear out kitchen clutter, consider using X-shape dividers to hold more than bottles of wine. They’re a great way to hide and store waxed paper, rolled cloth napkins and even decorative candles. If your kitchen is small and lacks cabinet space, try capitalizing on the room inside your oven. Neatly stack your cooking trays, pots and pans on the oven rack. Close the door and those large bulky items are out of sight.

• With 80 percent of people entering the average home through the garage door, the entryway or mudroom can quickly become inundated with shoes, coats, keys and mail. If a closet is available, think vertically. Closet systems such as ClosetMaid’s ShelfTrack™ wire shelving can help turn even a small closet into a roomy storage hub. Add multiple shelves and wire accessories such as hanging baskets and shoe holders. The storage space created in your closet will be the best-kept secret in the neighborhood.

If a closet isn’t available, you can create one simply by placing one of ClosetMaid’s multiple grab-and-go Stackable Organizers or a Cubeicals 3 Cube Bench by the garage door.

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