Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - Any time can be the right time to tackle those household chores you have been avoiding. However, there are a number of tasks that demand to be handled once the weather turns warm.

To help, Liquid Wrench® has an entire family of products designed specifically for do-it-yourself projects.

Whether it’s fixing a squeaky door hinge, prepping the lawn or getting the boat ready for warm weather action, homeowners often turn to spray lubricants or oils to help them get the job done easily and inexpensively. Here are some tips:

• For squeaky door hinges, use a dry lubricant. Unlike a wet or sticky lubricant that attracts dirt and increases hinge wear, this goes on dry, leaving no mess and maximizing effectiveness far longer.

• If the garbage disposal has started to make a racket, use the same dry lubricant. Spray it through the sink drain to the bottom of the garbage disposal. Just make sure water hasn’t flowed through the disposal for at least eight hours so the lubricant can attach itself to the inside parts of the disposal.

• In the bathroom, where hot water and steam from showers can rust door and cabinet hinges, a little silicone spray will prevent that from happening.

• To keep automatic and manual garage doors operating smoothly, you can use a three-pronged approach:

1. Spray lithium grease in the rollers on the inside of the roller cup.

2. Use a dry lubricant in the door tracks to quiet the operation and prevent buildup of debris in the tracks.

3. Lubricate the drive chain with a chain lube to keep links and cables operating smoothly.

• After a cold, harsh winter, penetrating oil is great for freeing up frozen or sticky linkages on lawn equipment and shop equipment, like presses and clamping fixtures.

• For hedge clippers and other lawn equipment, a drop or two of lubricating oil will help get them garden ready in no time at all. It also helps to provide a barrier against rust.

• When it comes to keeping car window tracks running smoothly, many prefer a silicone spray as a lubricant, since it won’t streak the windows.

• And when your chores are done and it’s time to play, a light coat of silicone spray will also turn air hockey and foosball playing surfaces into fast-action fun!

DIY projects and spring-cleaning are all about preserving and maintaining what you have and avoiding breakdowns.

Liquid Wrench has specialty lubricants and penetrants for these and every type of DIY job. Learn more by visiting www.liquidwrench.com.