Phoenix, Arizona (NAPSI) - When it comes to skincare, women and men are taking serious aim at enlarged pores.

“The obsession over pores has increased given the link between pore size and skin radiance. Everyone knows that the smaller the pore, the younger, tighter and healthier skin looks,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine. While we can’t change our genes, Levine confirms there is hope for keeping enlarged pores at bay. “Properly caring for your skin and following a dedicated skincare regimen is a must in the battle against enlarged pores.”

Pore size is exacerbated by dirt and oil—both of which lead to inflammation and acne—so keeping skin clean is essential.

“Your skin needs to breathe, so remember to wash your face each morning and night to remove oils, makeup and so on,” she advises. “Avoid using harsh soaps on your face, as abrasive products can aggravate skin.”

Dr. Levine recommends a targeted regimen from Algenist Skincare’s Multi-Perfecting Collection for the ongoing treatment of pores. “The Pore Corrector Concentrate is a must-have for tightening pores, reducing discoloration, smoothing roughness and refining skin texture.” Independent clinical testing found the product smooths skin texture by 24 percent and decreases pore size by 10 percent.

It’s available at, Sephora and QVC