Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - Give a friend or loved one a favorite film or TV show for the holidays and it’s probably going to come with an added bonus - the freedom to watch it anywhere, anytime.

That’s because thousands of films are now available digitally to watch on a variety of devices through the new UltraViolet system.

With UltraViolet, your friends and family can not only watch the movies and TV shows they own at home while on the sofa, they can also stream and download the content in their libraries anytime, anywhere on such devices as tablets, mobile phones, game consoles and PCs.

All this means movies and TV shows have even more value as holiday gifts because UltraViolet has made home collections more mobile, convenient and easier to share than ever before.

Signing up is free and easy. Here’s how to include UltraViolet in someone’s stocking:

• Give a friend or family member a movie with an UltraViolet sticker attached to the package.

• Give a gift card that can be used to buy movies online. Many come with UltraViolet rights.

Your friends and loved ones can also convert existing DVDs and Blu-ray Discs into digital versions at stores like Walmart.

UltraViolet works like this: Your collection of movies and TV shows is stored in the “cloud.” Up to six family members share the collection, streaming and downloading the films they like so they can watch them whenever and wherever they want on the devices they choose.

UltraViolet also makes travel for the holidays easier. Waiting at the airport or time spent on long flights goes faster with an enjoyable movie for the family to watch. And having a digital collection of your movies accessible on a mobile device, tablet or PC can provide the right entertainment on a cold night by the fire.

For more information on how to get started enjoying the benefits of UltraViolet, go to