Riverside, California (NAPSI) - There could be good news for those feeling the winter blues at any time of year.

Color Can Create Contentment

Science has shown that color can have a positive effect on moods and that flowers are one of the easiest ways to add a splash of color and a burst of positive energy into any space.

“As the days get shorter and it gets darker outside, a wonderful way to change emotions, uplift spirits and give yourself a ‘mood makeover’ is to infuse color into your home and office,” said Michael Skaff, head of floral design for FTD and a member of the Color Marketing Group.

Fortunately, you can now get fresh floral arrangements in four distinctive color palettes chosen specifically for their ability to lift spirits.

Tone Up Your Mood

Each color in the Color Your Day floral collection from FTD—green, pink, purple and yellow—evokes specific, unique feelings.

• Green: Shades of green deliver renewal and joy with a palette of harmonious hues.

• Pink: Shades of pink convey the feelings of love, friendship and warmth.

• Purple: Shades of purple enchant the spirit and trigger the imagination.

• Yellow: Shades of yellow bring a cheerful energy to any environment, uplifting the spirit with a spark of sunlight.

“Color can be integrated into every aspect of daily life with things like pillows, wall color, curtains and flowers,” Skaff added. “For instance, I painted my kitchen yellow because it gives me a burst of energy that I need in the morning. You may want to integrate purple accents into your office as it is a color that inspires creativity.”

Learn More

To see the beautiful arrangements available and for further information, visit www.ftd.com. You can also call (800) 736-3383.