El Paso, Texas (NAPSI) - Not a creature will stir at your house, not even a mouse, if you follow these tips for keeping the holiday season pest-free:

• Wipe all spills immediately with soapy water. Using just a wet cloth could leave a scent that attracts pests.

• Keep countertops dry. Ants and roaches need only a limited water supply to survive, and the smallest patch could be an oasis for these pests.

• Keep trash cans closed. Lingering smells can attract pests and an open container could serve as a breeding ground.

• Store food in sealed containers. Mice and rats can chew through cardboard.

• Beat the bedbugs if you travel. Check hotel headboards, mattresses and box springs for bedbugs and dark blood spots. Hang all clothing. Leave nothing lying on the bed or furniture. Store luggage far from the bed. When you get home, leave luggage outside until it’s been thoroughly inspected.

If you suspect a pest problem or you want to prevent one, you can talk to the world’s largest pest control provider, Terminix, about a free pest evaluation. Visit www.Terminix.com or call (800)-TERMINIX.