St. Louis, Missouri (NAPSI) - These days, Santa’s elves have their work cut out for them as this season’s wish lists are dominated with requests for iPads, iPods, iPhones and other smartphones, eBooks and other gadgetry. As the holidays undergo a technology takeover, there are ways parents can give kids what they really want without breaking the bank.

Holidayshoppers are often faced with the “upgrade fever” dilemma when it comes to gifting hot holiday electronics. Fortunately, savvy consumers can navigate the best deals and utilize a few key strategies to help not only save money, but earn money, too.

Gift Thrift Ideas

Here are some quick and easy tips to help consumers save money on consumer electronics this holiday season:

• Plan early and place pricey items on layaway. Paying a little at a time will make the final purchase feel like much less of a burden.

• Keep up with holiday promotions and take advantage of deals on must-have items.

• Trade in current electronic devices for cash to help purchase the latest models.

Trade-in programs offer top dollar on used devices such as iPhones and smartphones, iPads and other tablets, laptops, iPods/MP3s, GPS systems, cameras and more. One, CExchange, partners with major retailers including eBay Instant Sale, RadioShack and U.S. Cellular to help consumers trade current devices and upgrade to the gadgets topping every holiday list.

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By shopping smart, consumers can say good-bye to their used electronics and make way for new devices that will shine long into the New Year. Learn more and find the right retail partner at