Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - Answering the call for a better way to pick paint colors are new mobile apps that can help you find the colors best suited for your personality, style and interests.

According to color expert Dee Schlotter, consumers often recognize the feelings they associate with specific colors, but have a hard time developing these feelings into the right color palettes for their homes.

It helps, she says, to consider the colors of places where you spend time. Why did you choose the picture on your living room wall, prefer a particular wooded trail or have 20 blue shirts and only three yellow ones? Does your vacation preference draw you to the clear blues of the ocean or the crisp neutrals of the mountains? Are you inspired by the bright rainbows of produce in the grocery store or the sleek metallic color of vehicles on a highway?

Once you focus on the colors around you, you may be surprised by what you learn about your own preferences and tastes. With newly developed technology, mobile apps are becoming the go-to resource for capturing and transforming those inspirational, natural hues into colors for specific paint palettes.

Offering materials to redefine the world of color, mobile apps can make paint projects easier by letting you view, match, coordinate and search for colors on the go. Some of the more intuitive resources even let you order products directly from the smartphone.

Paint Selection Tips

• It’s never about choosing just one color when you’re redecorating a room. Every room has a theme, and color is what ties that theme together. That’s why you should choose colors you can use more than once—in paint, fabric patterns, furniture and decorating accents. Colors that echo help unify your room’s design and create a sense of harmony that makes everything and everyone in it feel “right at home.”

• Many mobile paint apps offer suggestions for similar and complementary shades based on the selection, so additional colors can be ordered and viewed together on the walls of a space.

PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ mobile app ties directly into its Voice of Color program, adding three ways to view, select and subsequently order any of the more than 2,000 colors offered by The Voice of Color to the program’s already robust set of digital tools. The app is also the first to let users order free 8” x 12” sample color sheets. The app can be downloaded, free, directly from the iPhone or iPad App Store or the Android Market.

Visit The Voice of Color website at to order samples in seconds, all from the palm of your hand.