Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - Most families choose to make a major household move during the summer months. In fact, nearly 40 million Americans move every year, with the majority of those moves occurring between May and August. But others may be faced with the challenge of moving as the season closes, after school has started.

Heeding a few tips from the experts can smooth the transition for unlucky fall movers and help school-aged children easily adapt.

First, host a small gathering with neighbors about two weeks after moving in. The time distances you from the initial stress of moving, yet no one expects everything to be unpacked. Plus, inviting other children to your house makes it less awkward for your child to make new friends. If they’re young, give them moving boxes to play with and serve snacks on paper napkins. Keep it simple, fun and short. Odds are your child will be invited to one of their homes to reciprocate soon after and you’ll have started the ball rolling.

Barbara Miller, an interior designer for kids, recommends making a child’s room look and feel as much like the old room as possible. “In general, moving is stressful. I like to make the new room look and feel as much like the old room as possible,” says Miller. “You can even paint the walls the same color. Color is a strong sensory trigger and can either comfort or agitate children.”

Older children and teens may want to redecorate their room as part of the excitement of moving. Even in these instances, Miller suggests that you keep some elements unchanged. “How the bed is situated in relation to the bedside table, clock and light—things that would be routine—should remain the same,” says Miller. “It’s these little things that no one thinks about until 10 p.m. when children are in tears because they’re tired and don’t know where to turn off the light.”

Lastly, schedule your high-speed Internet, digital cable TV and phone connection in advance of the move in a single step at www.cablemover.com. Like most movers, having online access to the nearest carry-out options and being able to watch TV shows and play online games on the first day in a new home is critical. Of course, that means you get the time you need to hunt for the missing sheets and coffeepot.