Tempe, Arizona (NAPSI) - Many parents may be surprised to learn that, according to Harris research, children begin taking an interest in changing their rooms just after the age of 5, citing more space to hang out and play as the No. 1 wish for the space. The study also found that 71 percent of parents think the design of a child’s room impacts creativity.

“We’ve seen how room design can unleash a child’s creativity in our own family,” said Cortney Novogratz from HGTV’s “Home by Novogratz.” “For example, it’s important to give children their own workspace and play space filled with materials designed to help express their ideas in a productive and inspirational way, like arts and crafts supplies and construction toys such as LEGO Friends. It’s also important to give children plenty of floor space in which to play and get creative; this gives them their own personal space in which to spread out and use their imaginations to the fullest.”

In addition to inviting children to put their remodeling and rebuilding skills to the test using toys that encourage construction, Robert and Cortney Novogratz offer these suggestions for creating those special environments that children will find inspiring and parents will find appealing:

• Give kids more space. Leave as much floor space open for playing and hanging out as possible. Center the room with a soft rug and include easy storage solutions. The most effective storage is easily accessible to kids, where they can pull it out, play with their toys and be able to put it back without any help. The best storage solutions do not dominate the room but cleverly do the job without taking up too much space. Kids need room to build, paint, create and so on but they also need supplies to do so, so try to keep storage solutions simple.

• Show children their ideas have value by including them in the design decision-making process as much as possible, letting them offer their ideas. Bear in mind that boys and girls are equally interested in having a say in the design of their rooms. If you make your children a part of the creation process, they may be more likely to take better care of their environment and their belongings.

• Personalize with color and collections. Embrace bold colors and don’t forget to have fun with it. Add more personality and originality, and foster a child’s pride by displaying his or her collections. Fun solutions for displaying collections include corkboards or pin boards to display art; Lucite shelves and boxes to display collections; and simple cubed shelving units that are cost effective and great for displaying models, trophies and other things that kids gravitate toward.

• Learn more. For further visual inspiration from the Novogratz on how to put these tips into action, visit www.LEGOBuildTogether.com or call (800) 838-9647.