Dallas, Texas (NAPSI) - Just because you’re watching your waistline doesn’t mean you have to skip all your favorites. Pair tender grilled steak with a crisp salad for a meal you’ll love that you can feel good about.

Consider these easy and tasty options for enjoying steak with a lighter twist.

“One of the easiest changes to make is limiting those hidden calories that can often be found in dressings,” said Maureen Rose Doran, RD, LD, nutritionist. “Flavor can and should come from the great taste of grilled meats and fresh, ripe vegetables. Dressings and cheeses should be used sparingly to add just the right amount of zest.”

Doran “loves” the new Rancher’s Select® Sirloin now offered every night at all Buffets, Inc. restaurants, especially when paired with the salad choices offered by the chain. “Whether you want a juicy steak and a side salad or a fresh garden creation flavored with delicious steak tips, you make it just how you like it,” said Doran. She offers some of her favorite ways of keeping it light but flavorful:

Garden Variety Steak Salad

Plate up a colorful salad creation with two cups of tossed salad greens (10 calories) with a healthy serving of vegetables including six cherry tomatoes (30 calories), six slices of cucumbers (12 calories), four slices of green pepper rings (8 calories), 10 grams of broccoli (5 calories), 10 grams of sliced mushrooms (4 calories) and five grams of sunflower seeds (35 calories). Top with three ounces of juicy sliced grilled steak (180 calories) and toss with one ounce of a fat-free raspberry vinaigrette (35 calories): 319 total calories.

Southwest Steak Salad

Give your grilled steak a kick of flavor by pairing three ounces of sliced grilled steak (180 calories) with a Southwest salad featuring two cups of spring mix greens (10 calories), 15 grams of corn (10 calories), three red onion rings (6 calories), 10 grams of sliced mushrooms (10 calories), 20 grams of feta cheese (55 calories), and one ounce of a fat-free Ranch dressing (30 calories): 301 total calories.

Great Steak Caesar Salad

Tell chicken to step to the side with this classic salad. Pair three ounces of thinly sliced grilled steak (180 calories) with two cups of chopped romaine lettuce (10 calories), 15 grams of diced eggs (20 calories), a handful of croutons (35 calories), seven grams of Parmesan cheese (30 calories) and an ounce of Caesar dressing (60 calories): 335 total calories.

No time to heat up the grill? Visit your local Buffets, Inc. restaurant to enjoy steak and salad your way. Start at the salad bar to create your own delicious combination of fresh greens and garden favorites, then head to the carving station where a grillmaster will serve your steak to order, whether you like it medium rare or well done.

Buffets restaurants now serve Rancher’s Select® Sirloin, a high quality and tender steak, every day during dinner hours.

For more information, visit www.hometownbuffet.com, www.oldcountrybuffet.com, www.countrybuffet.com, www.ryans.com, www.grannysbuffet.com and www.firemountainbuffet.com.