Houston, Texas (NAPSI) - While most grillers are armed with tongs and a spatula, many are looking to up their game by experimenting with accessories designed to add more versatility to the grill, such as pizza stones, fish baskets and rib racks.

The new Weber GrillWatch Survey shows that Americans are spending more than five hours a week grilling. As people are grilling more frequently, as well as year-round, the demand for accessories has skyrocketed.

Here are a few of the accessories designed to bring your grilling game to a whole new level.

Must-Have Grilling Accessories:

Chimney starter: Consider a five-quart chimney starter, like Weber’s Rapidfire Chimney Starter, that holds approximately 80 to 100 charcoal briquettes. Chimney starters eliminate the need to use lighter fluid, which is costly.Ê

Long-handled tongs: To prevent your hands from getting too close to the fire, a pair of tongs, such as Stainless Steel Chef’s Tongs, which measure more than 12 inches from end to tip, are a must for the griller’s toolbox.

Meat thermometer: Take the guesswork out of grilling with a digital thermometer to ensure your meat is cooked properly. TheÊ Digital Pocket Thermometer comes with a clip to attach easily to your pocket.

Take Your Grilling Game up a Notch with These Accessories:

Rib and roast holder: Save space on your grill with a dual-design rib and roast holder. Weber’s Original Rib and Roast Holder can handle up to five racks of ribs. Flip it over and use the roast holder for whole chickens, turkeys or roasts. Try Championship Spareribs with Sweet Apple Barbecue Sauce from the new cookbook “Weber’s Smoke—A Guide to Smoke Cooking for Everyone and Any Grill”; visit www.weber.com/smoke.

Pizza stone: To make sure pizza is cooked through without burning the crust, a pizza stone made from cordierite, such as the Gourmet Barbecue System Pizza Stone with Carry Rack, can help make family pizza night something special.

Fish baskets: Grilling delicate fish can be a little intimidating. With a fish basket, you can ensure that flaky fish won’t fall through the grates.

Stainless Steel Fish Baskets are available in small or large. The flexible wires hold in delicate fish and provide a foolproof way to flip your fish.

Smoker boxes: Try your hand at smoking with Firespice Trial-Sized Smoking Kits. Individual tins sit on top of gas grill grates and are packed with smoking woods like hickory, mesquite and cherry. Smoking tins allow grillers to infuse the rich flavors of smoke quickly and easily into almost any dish.

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For more information about grilling accessories and recipes, visit www.weber.com.