Riverside, California (NAPSI) - If warmer weather has you craving fresh, grilled food, Red Lobster’s Senior Executive Chef LaDuke has some helpful tips for you this grilling season. Or, if you prefer to save time and eat from the experts, be sure to visit Red Lobster to enjoy delicious seafood, steak and chicken, prepared by trained Grill Masters.

1. Clean Reigns Supreme. Whether grilling fish, steak or chicken, a clean grill is a must. Start by scraping the grill with a wire-bristled brush to remove any remnants from previous grilling. Then, using a nonaerosol product such as a towel, coat the grill grates with a light coat of vegetable or olive oil to prevent food from sticking.

2. Marinate Gradually. Let your meat marinate in a refrigerator for up to two hours before cooking to infuse the flavor. Set aside an extra dish of marinade just for basting while cooking to avoid spreading any bacteria. Finally, before putting your meat or seafood on the grill, drain off the excess marinade or sauce and pat dry.

3. Identify the Hot Spots. Check the grill for hot and moderate temperature zones. The chefs at Red Lobster do this by briefly running a hand about three inches above the grill. It should be at least at 500 degrees for meat and fish. For even cooking, place thicker foods at the center of the grill, smaller pieces toward the edges, and leave one inch of space between each piece of food.

4. Check the Clock. Steak, fish and chicken can all be grilled at the same temperature, but they require different grill times. Fish, depending on thickness, should be cooked for about two to three minutes on each side. Steak, depending on preference, should be cooked for about four to five minutes on each side. For boneless chicken, cook for about four to five minutes on each side. And for bone-in chicken, cook for six to eight minutes and always use a meat thermometer to ensure a proper temperature of 165 degrees.

For additional grilling tips and seafood recipes, visit www.redlobster.com.