Riverside, California (NAPSI) - Your house can be more comfortable for you and have more curb appeal for the next owner with a few minor home improvements, including one you can barely see. Here are eight tips that can help:

• Get in on the outdoor living trend. Add a few comfortable chairs and table to the front porch or backyard to create an extra room and a welcoming look. An even better idea may be to screen in the porch.

• Create an a-door-able view. Your front door is one of the first things people see when arriving at your house and what greets you every day when you come home. Keep it bright and welcoming with a fresh coat of paint and perhaps some shiny new hardware. While you have the paint handy, see if the shutters, mailbox, front porch or window boxes could use a touch-up, too.

• Get good screens. Whether on the window, the door or a screened-in porch or pool, there are a variety of styles and mesh fabrics available to meet a number of needs. One such screen, Phifer’s BetterVue®, is designed to maximize the outward view, making it sharper and more brilliant. Think of it as “high-definition” insect screening. BetterVue is woven from smaller-than-usual yarns to ensure durability and to improve the openness by 10 percent over conventional screening. This enhances the view and improves airflow by approximately 20 percent while increasing protection against small insects by 10 percent. You can install it yourself, watch a simple step-by-step video here, or have it done professionally.

• Keep things clear. Don’t let your front walkway or the front of your home look overgrown. Cut back on the shrubbery, and consider plants in pots instead.

• Improve the lighting. Consider motion-sensing lights on walkways and the driveway and lanterns on posts near the door.

• Opt for an awning. It can make your entryway more impressive and keep you and your family dry when you open the door.

• Really rock your yard. Add a stone border around the flower beds.

• Count on this idea. Make sure your house number is easy to read from the street.

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For more information about your screening options, go to www.phifer.com/consumerdiy/overview. Ready to buy now? Click here. Watch a one-minute video about BetterVue here.