Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - If your family is like most, it’s not like any other, and your kitchen shouldn’t be either. Every family has its own distinct requirements for the kitchen. Fortunately, a few simple steps can help you personalize your cooking and cleaning space to make it work best for you.

Some ideas to personalize your kitchen workspace:

• While a monochrome look can be sophisticated and serene, a few pops of color in curtains, cushions, door and drawer pulls can set it off and point it up.

• Use your kitchen to show off your style. If you collect saltshakers, say, display them on open or glass-fronted shelves. Display your grandmother’s famous pie recipe in a frame.

• It’s a bright idea to look to the lighting. There should be task lighting, accent lighting to highlight a special feature, and general overhead light. Try a bright spotlight in the kitchen over the sink or stove.

• Let that light shine on a sink you’ve customized to meet your needs. The Blanco One collection offers three sinks and five innovative accessory kits that combine to create unique personalized solutions for cooking, cleaning and organizing.

Start with the sink bowl. The Blanco One base is available in three model sizes to match your needs—XL Single, Super Single and Medium bowls. The 9”-deep bowls are easy to clean and created from high-quality stainless steel with Blanco’s signature Satin Polished Finish.

If you want to keep knives out of reach of your kids, if you want a cutting board that lets you clean, cut and save space, or if you live in a small space and you don’t have counter space to both clean and prep, there’s a Blanco One accessory just for you.

The Magnetic Sink Caddy holds cleaning tools inside the sink; the Workstation holds knives and utensils; an Ash Compound Cutting Board fits to the sink to save space; protective Custom Grids and a Multi-Level Grid serve as an additional rack above the base grid to protect the sink.

To make shopping easy, there are five convenient Blanco One accessory kits.

1. Organized—The space-saving caddy holds cleaning tools and sponge while the grid protects the sink.

2. Safety—The handy workstation keeps sharp knives clean and out of harm’s way and the grid protects the sink.

3. Prep—The incredibly thin and durable cutting board fits to the sink to save counter space and is paired with the caddy.

4. Culinary—Create a personal prep station with the cutting board and convenient utensil workstation.

5. Multi-Level—Exclusively for the largest bowl, this two-grid system offers a higher rack for prep and protective base.

With the right tools, it’s easy to personalize your kitchen and make it work best for you. To learn more and see the complete Blanco One sink collection, go to www.blancoamerica.com.