Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - There’s good news for homeowners who want to protect their family and property from the damage and discomfort that can be caused by a power outage.

There’s technology designed to help avert the problems that can result from a loss of electrical power.

For example, installing a standby generator can help to provide peace of mind, safety and comfort by maintaining a continuous stream of electricity during a power outage caused by extreme weather or other events beyond the homeowner’s control.

Unlike portable generators, standby generators are permanently attached to a home via a fuel line and hardwired into the building’s power system or panel board. To maintain a constant state of readiness, it has the capacity to self-test weekly and notify the homeowner if there is a problem.

This type of generator can be configured to restore power to preselected circuits in a home or an entire house when utility power is lost.

In combination with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) or generator-ready load center, the generator will function as a completely automatic system, without the homeowner having to be there to turn on the generator. An ATS is designed to transfer power between the home’s utility line and the generator.

The ATS models that Siemens has to offer are engineered with Digital Power Management (DPM) technology. This gives them the ability, for example, to cycle two different air conditioners on and off without adding additional components.

Once the utility power comes back on, the generator will automatically detect that power is available and switch back to utility power. The system is designed to operate so seamlessly that if you were not home and power went out, you might not even know a power outage had occurred in your absence.

Standby generators from Siemens are available from 8kW to 150kW models. In many cases, the cost of the generator and installation would likely offset the cost of any potential loss or damage incurred by a homeowner during an outage.

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