Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - If you think a screen door is a great way to let fresh air in and keep insects out of your home, you may want to retract that. The door, that is.

That’s because you can now get a screen door that retracts into its frame, hidden from view so it’s there when you need it and out of sight when you don’t. One such door, the Brisa Retractable Screen Door, is mounted to the outside of the doorframe rather than the inside like many others, so you get a full, clear view of the outside without losing valuable walk-through space. You also avoid the annoying banging and slamming of traditional hinged screen doors.

What’s more, Brisa is easy to install yourself whether you have inward- or outward-swinging single-entry doors, sliding patio doors or double doors.

Three-Step Installation

Brisa requires a mere 30 minutes to install from start to finish and a single tool: a power drill. It takes just three simple steps:

1. Assemble the five components.

2. Place the screen onto the door frame.

3. Secure the screen onto the door frame.

A Quick-Snap Track adjusts quickly to fit most popular door widths, 32 to 36 inches, with no cutting required. It can be customized for smaller sizes, less than 32 inches, with just two simple cuts. The rustproof aluminum track easily snaps into the screen door housing and adjusts to match the width of the door.

The EZ-Glide System lets the screen open and close smoothly with every use and the ergonomic design allows for easy one-hand operation. The secure locking latch operates from the inside and prevents the screen from opening unintentionally. Subtle stripes woven into the screen provide a visual cue to prevent walk-through, especially on bright, sunny days when the screen can seem to disappear, and rugged weather stripping keeps dirt and insects out.

Brisa comes with a limited lifetime warranty from ODL, Inc., a leading building products supplier of decorative and clear doorglass and entry treatments.

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