Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - When it comes to car colors, men and women follow different roads.

Colorful Findings

A recent study by of more than 30 million cars revealed some illuminating information about just how the sexes diverge:

• Surprisingly, the favored car color of men is red, a hue they have a greater preference for, versus women, by 12.3 percent. Next is orange, which men prefer more by 11.8 percent, and black by 9.6 percent.

• Metallic colors are more popular with women. As opposed to men, women have a greater penchant for silver cars by 9.2 percent, brown by 9.1 percent and gold by 7.3 percent.

• Red and black, preferred car color picks of men, are also the top colors for sports cars. For pickup trucks, white is the most popular color.

• Orange, a less-common car color option but a favorite of men, is found on sports cars and coupés more than any other vehicle type.

The study was conducted by, a car search engine that helps consumers find the best deals on used cars.

What It All Means

"These study results could suggest that women are more practical in their choices. For the most part, they may just want to buy a reasonably priced car that safely drives them around," suggested Phong Ly, co-founder and CEO of "On the other hand, for men, perhaps they may be a bit more idealistic about cars, preferring something that has speed and is fun to drive."