Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - More than $4 million is generated every week at yard sales, and the number of yard sales continues to increase each year by almost 60 percent. So whether you’re a buyer or a seller, with a yard sale, everybody can be a winner.

For buyers, it can be a chance to enjoy the thrill of the hunt by finding a bargain or vintage item at a greatly reduced price, sometimes as much as 90 percent off retail.

For sellers, it can be an opportunity to generate some cash—either for yourself or a charity. The good news is that thanks to two online resources, managing the world of yard sales just got easier.

The Virtual Yard Sale

If you love a good bargain but don’t want to leave your house, there is an online community that makes it possible to have the yard sale experience whenever, wherever you want, from your computer or mobile device.

Bookoo.com is a free online destination where visitors can buy and sell things within their local community. Sellers post what they have for sale, buyers indicate their interest and they meet and exchange the items for an agreed price. It’s that simple.

No need to wait until the weekends or for peak yard sale season this summer. Bookoo.com features items for sale from toys, furniture and home decor to the more obscure. You never quite know what you will find!

Finding A Yard Sale

As a buyer, if you want to venture outdoors and hunt for great deals in person, Yardsalesearch.com is a great resource where you can find a list of upcoming yard sales in your area by searching by zip code and date.

If you want to host a yard sale, simply post a free ad on the site using its easy step-by-step instructions, and it’ll be live in minutes.

If you are a newbie to the world of yard sales, the website provides tips for success, from scheduling your yard sale to local advertising to how to display and price the items you have for sale. For example, items priced under a dollar tend to sell the fastest.

To help buyers prepare for a successful day of shopping, it features useful advice, such as wear comfortable shoes and carry cash in small bills. To learn more about yard sales in your community, visit www.Bookoo.com and www.Yardsalesearch.com.